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10 Ways to be a Fashion Killa

A doorag isn't an acceptable accessory.  These were the words of my college classmate and friend, Malhi.  As long as I can remember, I've wanted to be fresh like my two best mates.  The three of us grew up on the same street and while I spent my money on candy, comics & vids, my counterparts were blazing in fashion.

Bringy would rock the flyest accessories.  His watch, glasses, cufflinks, socks and shoe game have always been correct.  He taught me a lot about the correct fit for my body type.  To be vocal with my socks.  Avoid trends and stay with the classics.


Mcginny is a trendsetter.  He is always the one to usher in new styles prior to them becoming Macklemore songs.  This guy would dig in the crates of your local outlet stores to find the freshest article.  He wore his clothes, one of one.  No mass production, slave labour, generic clothing.  

I strive to be like my two closest mates in fashion and in life.  They exemplify a number of great qualities, but in terms of fashion, their influence is immeasurable.  Then there's me, I borrowed and stole to arrive at my own style.  Out of all the seasons, I excel at Autumn and Winter.  Layers on layers on layers, I stay, dressed, to impress, spark the people's interest.  I'm the one who's lights out at the company Christmas party.


This has always been a tedious balance because I'm largely known as a minimalist.  My belief is that less is more.  Shed the layers to reach enlightenment.  From my previous statement, you can notice the dichotomy.  How does one build a wardrobe, but still be simplistic.  All questions don't have answers and I don't know that this one necessarily needs one.  You just govern from the heart and let the chips fall where they may.

Being well dressed and comfortable speaks to my soul, so, I just roll with the feeling.  With that said, there's some rules I've amassed that may help you reach your zenith.

1)  Basics.  You can never have too many neutral shades.  White and black tees are a must.  They never fall out of fashion.  These are the staples, whether you're rocking the James Dean, blue jeans, boots, white tee or if it compliments outfit as an undershirt. 


2)  Socks.  Let your personality be the dictator.  Argyle, stripes, festive, comedic, dotted, the possibilities are endless. 

3)  Jacket/Coat.  If you're like me and live in a ten months of winter, two jackets may be necessary.  I would go with something classic, something that can spit in the face of trends.  One casual jawn and one semi-formal, depending on your style.  My bearded buddy rocks a lumber jack jacket, but also has a three quarter length peacoat. 

4)  Imitation and Flattery.  You know the old adage that corresponds with these two words.  Classic man was more than a song to me.  It was about being brash in your style and resound in your convictions.  Find your fashion guru and emulate the shit outta them.  Mine are Idris Elba, Kofi Siriboe and Lance Gross.


5)  Fits.  You have to buy the correct fitting shirt for your body.  The need to accentuate your positives is an absolute must.  This could be the difference between you swimming in your clothing or feeling strong in your own skin.

6)  Barber.  Finding the right barber is a tireless job.  I had the same barber for fourteen years before I moved from my hometown.  I auditioned over a dozen until I found the two that best suited me.  A good barber knows your head, this helps them cut with relative ease.  I don't have to tell them what I like, they just know.

7)  Tailor.  This may seem antiquated, but this is just as essential as a barber.  Buy for longevity, not for budget.  You'll be apt not to treat this article like just another piece.  A tailor will refit your clothes for just you.  


8)  Experiment.  I like to throw an article into the mix that I wouldn't regularly wear to jumble the rotation.  Push your limits and step out of your normal mundane.   This is a trait you should use in fashion and in life.

9)  Groom.  A man that takes care of himself is a sure sign of confidence.  Cutting your nails, trimming your beard, removing blackheads, moisturizing, etcetera is the mark of man who cares.  This doesn't qualify you as metrosexual, this makes you a hygienic human being.

10)  Stunt.  When your powers combined, I am... a classic man, you can be mean, when you dress this clean.  Putting these aspects together will make you other worldly, but you have to be comfortable.  Comfort is key, if you're not, it'll show.  Own your attire, don't let it own you.


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The Extra 10 Percent