“You expect me to just pay bills and die?”

Signs of Love Making

Signs of Love Making

These are the signs of love makin'
Are you the zodiac freak I've been lookin' for
Girl, you're sending me
Signs of love makin'
And you make me say, ooh

~ Tyrese, Signs of Love Making (2002)

Scorpios do it better, Pisces fail at love.  The former being best, latter being worst. Have you ever met a woman that boils you down to your zodiac?  That's exactly what this article on thought catalog attempts to state.  I love these clever conversations because I absolutely do not subscribe to them.

I view myself as a Centaur, half man, half amazing.  The enigma thats impossible to describe.  I'm a dreamer, yes, but never an indecisive man.  Both traits that get attributed to Pisces.  The question then becomes, who are you?  

The Five Deadly Venoms, my favourite kung fu flim taught me early on to be well versed in all things, but partner with a master to attain a master class of success.  Could that same train of thought be correlated to a relationship? 

For our benefit,  the correct person should be the barometer of a fruitful relationship.  The astrology of it all simply means we have no free will in the matter.  Can you imagine?  Taurus, you're for Leo.  Aries,  you're for Cancer.  Okay, that's a wrap,  my job is done here.  If life was only this simple, everyone would be in committed relations and the divorce rate would plummet.

I say all these things to say this,  don't be defined by any person's perception.  Be more, in life and in love. Scorpios, Libra's and Gemini's may be touted as one, two and three respectively.  However, know that my Virgos', Taurus' and Pisces' will put a dent in that headboard too.  The make up of someone's heart and mind should always outweigh the weight of hocus pocus.

There's no magic formula to compatibility, we make choices and cultivate them or watch them wither in the wind. 

Marque Cecil

To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern