“You expect me to just pay bills and die?”

The ?uestions

The ?uestions


It's the questions (what) it's the questions boy
It's the questions (what) it's the questions come on
The questions (what) it's the questions boy
It's the questions (hah) it's the questions yeah
Talking bout the questions, it's the questions y'all
It's the questions (what) it's the questions, dig it
The questions (why) it's the questions boy
It's the questions (huh) that's what it's all about

~ Common, Like Water for Chocolate


Are you writing still?  How's the writing coming along?  What are you working on?  Where did your blog go?  Keep it up, man.  I never knew it was you writing those articles.  I've been accepting all comers in regards to a six year lifestyle writing project that was abruptly ended by vindicitiveness of a woman scorned.  Long story short, Project Carpe Diem, ended and like the cold hands of the Night's King I transferred it into this, Gentleman's Guidebook.


What's the Guidebook?  This is my opus to men everywhere, but don't get it twisted.  Its strong enough for a man, but made for a woman too.  You won't find any chauvinistic portrayals of the fairer sex.  


Allow myself, to introduce, myself.  My name is Marque Cecil, formerly Carpe Diem Que, if you happen to see any of my previous works out in the ether.  I'm a curious individual who constantly strives for the answers, hence this project.  


"When looking at the men of today with this in mind, those who could be thought to have a woman's pulse are many indeed, and those who seem like real men few. Because of this, if one were to make a little effort, he would be able to take the upper hand quite easily." (Hagakure)


My passion in life is to be better than I was yesterday, in all avenues of life.  I think most people are like this.  The urge to explore your depths, peel back the layers and delve into new understanding.  I remember having all the questions with no one to answer.  My two closets mates and I would talk for hours just deconstructing.  I wondered if the same conversations were taking place somewhere else.


"Dad, are we, as Jamaicans not supposed to go down on women?"


Writing this question was just as difficult as it was to ask it fifteen years ago, but I wanted answers.  Most of my friends glamourized fellatio like it was the earth's nectar.  I, however, was very skeptical...or I was.  


"Does clothing really affect the way people view you?"


I love track pants, its an unhealthy love.  I dream about wearing them after a night of drinking.  I wear them to the gym, barbershop and I often wear them to entertain at my flat.  My cotton tuxedo, equipped with my wife beater dress shirt.  I noted the difference in perception I received when my boy helped put my gear together.  It was night and day, DM's would be ringing off after my transformation.


"Hey chicken legs, do you even lift, bro?"


This was a comment from a woman, I was perturbed.  I'm very active and my genetics have blessed me with a lot more than most.  Even with that said, you still want what you don't have.  I scoured the internet, books and articles looking to improve my deficiencies.  How does one build their calves, forearms and abs?  Constantly a question asked to me by men.


"I don't know what I want, surprise me"


This is still a most hated question while I bartend.  People don't understand that my sensibilities aren't theirs.  I have to do a whole pre-screening process just to get a sense of what they like.  The situation would be much simpler if they just told me what they prefer.  Oh well, I have chose to become a backyard mixologist and you will too.   


These are just some of the range of questions that will be explored.  I love my friends, you'll learn this about me.  With that being said, I've brought my crew along with me.  Some of the brightest wordsmiths will be regularly contributing to this site.  You'll read varying perspectives from a range of different individuals.  Ironically, most of which are women, so rest assured this isn't a sausage party of men talking to men.  That's useless, we need a broad range of viewpoints.


Welcome to the Gentleman's Guidebook, I look forward to entertaining you all and doing what I love most, writing.


Marque Cecil

The Gentleman's Secret Hideaway

The Gentleman's Secret Hideaway