“You expect me to just pay bills and die?”

Mourning in America

Mourning in America


She’s calling him again, his rasp and muffle of his voice brings joy to her. I can here the infliction in her voice began to stir. I’m preparing to embark on my first foray overseas. First stop, New York City. The big Apple. Five boroughs. I’ve scanned the internet for pictures and routes to follow. This is exciting, I’ll even get to meet this character, Dee, she seems like the adventurous one, but I imagine I’ll know more once we meet.


He’s not only on time, but he’s come with breakfast and coffee in hand. Either this guy loves her tremendously or he’s a kind soul. Who knows? From my time listening, watching and capturing their experiences, I’d say he checks both columns. The highway and roads are all empty, no one’s out at this hour other than bad decisions and walks of shame. He embraces her and kisses her lips like its the first time he’s ever seen her. He tells her to be careful and watch out for each other.


We’ve landed! First touch of foreign soil, I’m intrigued. My network switches instantly, probably to Verizon. I’m on the train for bit, this is truly same, same, but different. New York has a distinct charm about it, very similar to the charm of my own city. The sights are bigger, the personalities more amplified. This is the mecca of Hip Hop, Punk Rock and Disco, an image of Saturday Night Fever flashes across my face. Damn you, preset algorithm. We’re heading to the meat packing district, this is a mission, but the people watching opportunities are abundant.


If theres three things I know about my companion, she’s someone who loves the quirky jokes of the comedy duo, Loralei and Rory, her variety in music is limitless and she loves her sleep.


“Honestly… this may be the longest day… ever”

I’m feeling her pain, too, my battery life is at half and we’ve just charted our path back to the airport. Its been eleven hours with no sleep, not even a nap to speak of. Now, begins the trek back to the enormous JFK airport. My companion has switched bags, this should help with the fatigue of the coming journey.


We’ve boarded! This is exciting. Be right back…airplane mode.


Are we here?! Is this it? I can see frustrated people all around. We have been circling the tarmac. I’ve heard dreaded rumours about JFK, but this takes the cake. My battery life is steady draining. She messages him, GPS on his end shows he’s just moved into the bathroom to give her his full attention. Judging from the other GPS signatures, there’s an abundance of people surrounding him and he bypasses them all to give her his full attention. No sleep and no nicotine fix to satiate the irritation could only mean bad things. Not to mention her travelling companion also thrives on sleep. This could turn ugly, his words mirror her frustration without lending empty platitudes. I can relate, as, I’m also ready for a recharge.


“Just landed… holy hell. Hahaha”

Finally! South America, the place I’ve been reviewing and researching for many weeks. The air has a distinct feeling on my circuits, this could be caused by the body of water to the North. They say the ocean has a calming effect on the nerves. I’ve now felt this first hand. Instantly, her nerves have calmed. Nearly twenty-three hours without sleep and counting. I am locked, loaded and set for adventure. I’ll roam like home, capture the nuance of architecture, summit the rainforest and all while, loudly proclaim, ‘I’ve arrived’ with the playlist marked: Spanish.

Marque Cecil

Paris, Tokyo

Paris, Tokyo